The Lost Towns Project, Inc. Exciting Archaeological Excavations Anne Arundel County has a rich prehistory... and a wealth of historic archaeological sites. The Lost Towns Project is dedicated to presenting its findings to the public. Wonderful Volunteer and Internship Opportunities for All! Interpreting History and Prehistory through Stratigraphy Exciting finds are ongoing from the excavations at Pig Point!

The Lost Towns Project, Inc.

The Lost Towns Project is a non-profit organization, located in Anne Arundel County, MD, that is devoted to raising public awareness of the rich cultural resources in the Mid-Atlantic area. From archaeology to architectural history to cultural landscapes, we are actively involved in promoting the preservation of these resources and in both facilitating research and achieving new discoveries on the history and prehistory of the Chesapeake.

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For just a preview of some of our current research, here is a selection of some of our recent scholarly articles and publications:

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