A Multi-Media Enhancement of Four River’s

African American Heritage Trail

Lost Towns Project has received funding from the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority to develop a multi-media African American Heritage Trail of the Four Rivers Heritage Area. Currently, only about 8% of Anne Arundel County’s Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties represent African American history and we hope this project will expand awareness about the rich, but often under represented African American stories found in the Four Rivers Heritage Area.

We are seeking three consultants to assist in the project, ( a Project Manager, an Oral Historian and a GIS Specialist) which will result in a Story Map tour (a web-based, multimedia interactive map) and a companion print guidebook. To capture the stories that are not available in conventional archival or State files, we intend to host three hands on, interactive workshops across the community to collect oral histories, and will document previously unrecorded sites related to African American heritage using the State MIHP & MASS forms.

The virtual “Story Map” will provide location history, photographs, original archival documents, and audio of oral history, all made available through mobile technology, thereby allowing for a more enriching experience for travelers to the heritage area. Additionally, this online portal will provide the public with an exceptional educational tool and raise awareness on African American history, particularly of the the 19th and 20th centuries. The travel guidebook will complement the Story Map, informing visitors on accessibility and hours for specific public sites.

Professional consultants will develop content for these products from archival studies, oral histories, archaeological evidence, cartographic evidence, and existing historic sites, to be made accessible to the public through an interactive and dynamic map portal that will be hosted on the Lost Towns website and partner sites. Two workshops will promote this important history in February 2018 during African American History Month. A third workshop will allow consultants the opportunity to obtain oral histories. Additionally, 20 significant African American sites in the Heritage Area will be registered or updated by qualified consultants on the Maryland Inventory of Historic Places to be added to the public database, addressing the need to fill the void in the State’s Inventory.

Download Individual RFP’s Here

Project Manager

Oral Historian

GIS Specialist

Any questions regarding this Project or the RFP may be directed to

Proposals will be accepted by mail or by email in PDF format until October 13, 2017 at 5 PM. Proposals sent by mail must be received no later than October 13, 2017. Proposals delivered by email should be sent to and return receipt of email must be acknowledged.

The LTP Board will open proposals on October 16, 2017 at 11:00 AM at the Anne Arundel County Cultural Resources Division Office in Annapolis, MD.

Proposals sent by mail through USPS, Fed Ex or UPS can be sent to:

The Lost Towns Project, Inc.

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The Lost Towns Project is currently sponsoring or providing support to the following projects.

  • The Pig Point Ceremonial Complex:WigWam
  • Led by Dr. Al Luckenbach excavations continue at occupation sites associated with the Pig Point ceremonial center and special studies are ongoing. In just a few weeks, we’ll convene a small group of experts on the Adena culture from all over the Country to review the latest scholarship and discuss this phenomenal site, and plans are in the works for a book.
  • Hurricane Sandy Project:
  • Principal Investigator Stephanie Sperling, MAA, a respected expert on the impacts of sea level rise on cultural resources launched this project in the Summer of 2015. Sperling’s team will be recovering data from five sites that were damaged during Hurricane Sandy (and continue to be threatened by erosion and rising sea levels).
  • The Lost Towns Project, Anne Arundel County, and the Gibson Island Historical Society have joined forces on a multifaceted archaeological investigation at Gibson Island. Led by Dr. John Kille, the work has so far uncovered an 18th-19th century foundation, a prehistoric shell midden, and a 19th century domestic scatter. This Fall, Kille and several enthusiastic volunteers from Gibson Island will continue the search for an 18th-century mill site.
  • Galesville is the Place to Be!!! There is so much going on down in Galesville, and LTP was a key partner on the Hometown Teams Exhibit, highlighting the Hot Sox Sandlot team. The Smithsonian   Museum on Main Street  travelling exhibit recently closed, after seeing more than 500 visitors during itsn6 week run. The exhibit also featured the work of students from Central Middle School and South River High. The Field Guide to Galesville, produced with funding from the Four Rivers Heritage Area, was officially unveiled on August 8th, 2015 with a special guided tour by local historians and archaeologists. LTP also sponsored a guided Historic Paddling Tour of Galesville.
  • Rediscovering Local History with the Anne Arundel County Public Schools. Building off of the exciting partnership with the STEM program in Galesville last year, we’re going to do it again! In 2015/2016, the team will be working with Central Middle School (CMS) to explore and study the Beverly Triton Beach Park. It’s got prehistory, 19th-century sites, and a 20th-century beach resort hiding in the woods. Consultant Mandy Melton will be mentoring several CMS teachers as they develop STEM-based curriculum for there academic year.  We will also be hosting the entire 6th grade from Central Middle for a hands-on field trip this fall.
  • Coming Later this Fall– We plan to sponsor Evening and Weekend Lab Hours at the Anne Arundel County Archaeology Lab in Edgewater. If you are interested, please drop us a note. We will need 6-8 volunteers to sign up in order to keep the lab open for these special hours.

To sign up as a volunteer on any of these projects, drop us a line at

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