We Need Your Stories!

The Lost Towns Project wants to hear your stories about African American history! We have received two grants sponsored by the National Park Service’s African American Civil Rights Grant Program and the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority to document important sites that speak to African American heritage and the Civil Rights Era.

            In partnership with the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority , we are developing a multi-media African American Heritage Trail of the Four Rivers Heritage Area. Additionally, we are working on a project funded by the National Park Service to document recreational and leisure sites of the Civil Rights Era where African Americans responded to discrimination and empowered themselves.

Currently, only about 8% of Anne Arundel County’s Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties represent African American history. We hope this project will expand awareness about the important African American stories found in Anne Arundel County. If you would care to share your experiences or relate stories heard from your family and friends, please fill out the form below.


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